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                                                         Here you can find the news of this cattery

01-10-2016           We have new plans! Hopefully in the first quarter of 2017 we can expect a new litter.

29-05-2016           Last Sunday I went with the owners of 3 of my kittens to a Mundikat show in Boxtel. It was great to see the                                      kittens again and to see how much they have grown and how more beautiful they became in the last 2                                                months.

                                   The individual results: Azura became Excellent 2 (from 3). Abel became Excellent 1 en was nominated for                                        Best in Show! Kaïn became Excellent 1 (from 2), was nominated for Best in Show and.. became Best in                                              Show for kittens of 4 to 7 months!! Me and the new owners were very proud!

Azura 5 maanden
Nominatie Abel 5 maanden
Nominatie Kaïn 5 maanden

30-04-2016           All the kittens moved to their new home. From all new owners I get the most amazing updates; they

                                   are all so happy with these wonderful sweet and beautiful kittens.

                                   The site is updated now and the kittens have gotten their own page in Offspring and Litter 1

27-03-2016           Today the kittens became 13 weeks old. They received their chip and their vaccination 2 times.

                                   Tomorrow the first kitten will move: Kaïn. The other kittens will move to their new homes gradually

                                   after. Thisis the last kitten update with all of the 4 kittens at the kitten page

20-03-2016          Today the kittens are 12 weken old. Last Friday a professionel photographer gave

                                  us a visit: Nynke van Cat'chy Images. She shot some beautiful pictures of the kittens

                                  and from the father and the mother of this litter. One groupfoto and from each

                                  kitten you can find a photo on the kittens page. More photo's will follow later.

13-03-2016         The kittens are 11 weeks old already. Time flies, the kittens are amazzing: playful and super social. 

                                 New pictures on the kitten page.

06-03-2016         The kittens are 10 weeks old already. New pictures on the kitten page.

28-02-2016        A new update: the kittens are 9 weeks old today! New pictures on the kittens page

21-02-2016        The kittens are 8 weeks old today! New pictures on the kittens page

14-02-2016        The kittens are 7 weeks old! New pictures on the kittens page

08-02-2016        I totally forgot to update my website for English speeking visitors. Every week I will show new photo's of my

                                 kittens on the kittens page. The kittens are 6 weeks old now and absolutely amazing. They are sweet

                                 and beautiful. I love them <3

08-01-2016          The kittens are introduced on the kittens page.

17-11-2015            Last Sunday 15-11-2015 we went to Fife show. The judge absolutely loved Sylan (X-men Logan of Magic

                                  Craft) and he got his CAGCIB point, won theBIV (Best In

                                  Variety) and also got the nomination for Best in Show!! He did not win this, but these are super results.

                                  Very proud of this relaxed and sweet handsome boy!

14-11-2015            We expect the first litter of this  Cattery!! Check plans and kittens for more information


25-10-2015           We also have a facebook page now. Do you want to keep informed about our cattery? GO to our facebook

                                  page and like https://www.facebook.com/oflovepaws or trough the button below or trough the contact page.


15-09-2015           On Sunday 13 September we went to the Fife Felikatshow in Schiedam. Desi got her firste CACpoint and a

                                  very promising judge report. Sylan got his first CACGIB point (competition of another male)and also got the

                                  BIV! De nom went to a Norwegian, unfortunately. I am very proud!












10-09-2015            We went to the Veterinarian with Desi (*ES Monteblanco Dris) for the ultrasound for HCM and PKD and

                                   she everything was good and no signs of HCM and PKD. She is also tested negative for FIV en FeLV and

                                   she is free of PL. See Plans for our plans for our first litter of cattery Of Love Paws


19-07-2015            Site is 'officially' online!


12-07-2015            13 September 2015 Sylan, Desi and I will go to Felikat (Fife) Catshow in Schiedam, in the Netherlands


11-07-2015            Starting this official site for my cattery!

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