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Welcome on this site of my hobby, Maine Coon cattery, in Vlaardingen.  

This Cattery is a member of Mundikat (Fife) and RMC (Rasclub Maine Coon).

The goal of this Cattery is to breed sweet and healthy kittens which meet the breedstandard of the Maine Coon.

In addition to the external characteristics, health and a good social character are very important for us. Therefore, to keep the breed in good health and to exclude hereditary diseases our cats are tested for: HCM dnaPKDPLFelV and FIV. We also test HCM and PKD by ultrasound.

The kittens leave here after 13/14 weeks with a pedigree, passport and an ownership statement. The kittens are then dewormed, microchipped and two times vaccinated.

At the first place I am a cat lover and enjoy my cats. Next to that I have as a hobby one litter each year. Breeding kittens is a hobby and with no purpose of profit.

I am a small breeder because of my love for cats and specific for the Maine Coon breed. The kittens are bred with all the love and care they need.

Maine Coon

I felt for the Maine Coon because of his beautiful appereance (beautiful and big cat, its half longhair coat) and because of its amazing social character.

The Maine Coon are the biggest house cats. They have a tough look and I think they are beautiful. They have a halflonghair coat en a fluffy tail.

They are extremely sweet and curious, despise of their size. They can act like realy clowns.

They are buddies for live.

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